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Исторический (или не очень) документ (англ версия)

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Зарегистрирован: 11.03.2009
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Откуда: Kiev.UA

СообщениеДобавлено: Пн Мар 16, 2009 10:16 pm    Заголовок сообщения: Исторический (или не очень) документ (англ версия) Ответить с цитатой

Log file #493952932923053063460420039433851202-INQ INV 193456.

Connecting to secure network…awaiting server answer…connection completed…connecting to central data archive…

Welcome to Union archive. Please identify yourself.


Processing data…Security access level 2 granted.
Please input your request.
[Search]: [TU, TUOS].
Searching…searching…searching…file found.
Filtering according to your security access…Opening.

T.U. Archive record 293-44 AAD.

T.U.O.S. – Technological Union Oralor Sector (or simply T.U.)
Union consists of: Sagires State, Koshiro Trade Federation, Zzitt Syndicate, Conquerors Nation and Forbidden clan Ssrekknirdtsorff.

[More data]: [Sagires State].
Data found…processing…ok.
Filtering according to your security access…Opening.

Sagires State Archive record 01-58 GOV.

Sagires State.
(Previously called Sagires Empire)
The Sagires State is ruled by the “Council of 21” and 3 Generals. The State formed by many hundreds of corporations, which represent the interests of four races. (Kovis, Koree, Kongals and Rivers). The State is a socialistic society with non-strict class divisions by race (workers, scientists, militaries and operators). For example: non of Kovis can be a worker, while Koree race have constant trouble with the science and Kongals can be experiencing brain damage while trying to be the operator. Each race was made to perfectly fit one of the classes.
Kovis was made for science, they are also can be a militaries as scouts and infiltrators, and they are average operators.
Koree are perfect workers – strong, loyal and silent, they have a strange way of thinking, so can’t invent anything new or disobey orders and that makes them good militaries too. While being an operator they can complete almost any task (excluding scientific) without hesitation or doubts.
Kongals are extremely large and strong; also they have perfect health and quick regeneration ability that makes them almost super soldiers. They can perform any physical labor with relative ease. And despite the thing that they are relatively dumb for a science (Warning! For your safety – don’t try to tell that to them), they are the only race capable of holding the working “reset”-cannon. All “reset”-scientists are Kongals.

[More data]: [State most famous corporations and organizations].
Data found…processing… processing… processing…ok.

Filtering according to your security access…Opening.

Sagires State Archive record 369-03 SL2T6D.

State most famous corporations and organizations:

State Army & Navy (no explanation needed, information classified).
Genesis Technologies (weapons, ships, advanced alloys and rare ore refining).
L.E.G.I.O.N. (advanced AI’s and virtual combat interfaces).
Sub-space Technologies (instant transportation, tractor beams).
The Other Light (chemical compounds and nanotechnology).
B.I.O. (cloning, genetic manipulations, medical technology).
The Amplifier (personality manipulation, virtual reality, combat simulations, project “Afterlife”).
Experimental Science & Consequences (prototype construction, experiments and research).
Drone & Done (drones, robotics, cybernetic organism creation).
R.E.S.E.T mega-corporation (“reset” technology and research).
The Final Word (project “Victory”, “S.S.A.” development).
Large Scale Assembly (space stations, orbital shipyards, “S.S.A.” creation).
U.H.P. (hauling and couriers).
Citadel Propulsion (engines and jump drives, Citadel creation).
The Eye (satellite construction, optics, sensors, scanners).
Fire & Ice (fuel, flammable compounds, cryotechnology, experimental chemistry, ion and plasma research).
Wheels of Steel (planetary vehicles, “H.K.” creation).
Auto Defense Systems (turrets, automated bunkers, anti-orbital cannons, robotics, self-repair modules).
Nuke and Environment (thermonuclear science, nukes, reactors, antimatter).
Gauss Legacy (gauss weapons, particle acceleration weapons).
Core Project (different technology assimilation and integration, all work classified).
Terraforming Unlimited (planetary engineering and creation).
The Inquisition (classified).
Timeline Straight (classified).
Protection & Security (personal armor manufacturing, other information classified).
Escort (classified).
Big Guns & Ammo (ship sized weapons, all work classified).
And many other.

[More data]: [Rivers].
Data found…processing…processing…error.

Some data about Rivers has level 6 security status.
Do you want to view the rest of the data?

[Set]: [Yes].


A river is a natural watercourse, usually freshwater, flowing toward an ocean, a lake…

[Request]: [Cancel].
[More data]: [The Inquisition].
Data found…processing…error...additional data incoming from unknown server…analyzing.

Are you a heretic?

[Set]: [No].

Then Inquisition is not in your concerns.

Connection to server lost…reconnecting…error…incoming data.

Your security access was terminated until the investigation.
Have a nice and productive day.

Warning! Illegal copying of this log can be punished with death!
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